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23rd-Jan-2010 11:10 pm - 50 Ficlets Prompt Table!!!
#01 -Sound #02 -Sight #03 -Before #04 -After #05 -Rain
#06 - Need #07 -Want #08 -Lust #09 - Spell #10 -Now
#11 -Limits #12 -Own #13 -Search #14 -Tied #15 -Papercut
#16 - Wrong #17 -Right #18 - Radio #19 -Storm #20 -History
#21 -Feel #22 -Rules #23 -Confession #24 -Stripped #25 -Bed
#26 -Sex #27 -Date #28 -Bond #29 -Wall #30 -Burn
#31 -Thunder & Lightning #32 - Heaven & Hell #33 -Naughty or Nice #34 - Mix 'n' Match #35 -Chaos Theory
#36 -Breakfast #37 -Beginning #38 -Breathe #39 -Hunt #40 -Run
#41 -Hold #42 -Drive #43 -Night #44 -Fingers #45 -Poker
#46 -Clothes #47 -Fight #48 -Whimper #49 -Animal #50 -Sleep

I'm so excited to do these! The first ones will be soon!
29th-Apr-2008 12:15 am - Incubi 3/?

She had never seen anything like it. They radiated power and seduction and sex. Their eyes almost glowed with intent and intensity. The beauty of the two men was almost blinding. The power of two fully mature, albeit young, incubi was being unleashed upon her. She didn’t stand a chance.


            “Come here Hermione.” Each of the incubi reached out a hand to her. Unable to look away from them she somehow found the strength to let go of the balcony and take a step towards them…


            All they had needed was that one step. It was the physical incarnation of her acquiescence. In the back of her mind she could hear no-longer-dominating part of her mind ask her what in Merlin’s name she thought she was doing. There was no answer. The power in each of the two men flowed from them and wrapped her in their thrall eliminating any resistance.


The coercion of incubi victims wasn’t physical. Physical coercion bred mental resistance and resentment. Instead the power seduced the mind and spirit coaxing the, in this case, witch, to come to them completely willingly. Later she would think of how the pheromones worked their way into her mind releasing chemicals that overpowered her neurons. Later she would go over her behavior wonder why although even skilled Legilimens found it almost impossible to access her mind, that she simply had no resistance to these two men’s thrall. Later she would think about this way too much.


Now however she wasn’t thinking at all. Her heart didn’t even have time to beat as they seemed to appear instantly beside her. She was turned was being snogged as though their lives depended on it by Draco in the next instant. The experience was beyond anything Hermione could have imagined. His lips were hot and heavy on hers. There was no questioning or hesitation, the kiss as arrogant and demanding as the man. Before she could react to it much less enjoy it she was pulled away.


Blaise had been as patient as was possible given the situation and allowed Draco a few seconds before taking his turn. He didn’t immediately kiss her instead he ran his hands ever so slowly along the line of her chin and up to tangle in her hair at the sides of her head before tilting her head back to receive him. His lips were just as hot as Draco’s but laying out a trap to ensnare her instead of the all out take-no-prisoners attack. Blaise was so skillfully distracting her that she never felt the pressure or heard the pop accompanying side-along apparition.


Somewhere in the back of his mind Draco was blessing the day his parents gave him his own wing… on the other side of the manor. It meant no interruptions or even knowledge of what was about to happen. All three sets of parents would assume that they just got bored and went back to school. In fact the blonde would have gone there to his and Blaise’s private rooms but he couldn’t apparate directly into them and walking from the gates wasn’t an option.


His incubi decided that it didn’t like Draco’s coherency. It pushed him to pull Hermione out of Blaise’s arms. He had to give Blaise credit. He didn’t complain at the interruption and instead made himself useful and divested himself of multiple layers of clothes. Then he worked on Hermione’s. Actually he just got impatient and used his wand to banish her clothes back to her room. With the loss of her robes Hermione found that the room, with cooling spells to facilitate its normal occupant, was chilly and pressed forward to try and steal the heat that was radiating off of him. Blaise saw her shiver and wrapped his arms around her bringing her skin to skin with his chest. His lips were launching an assault on the side of her neck. Not really realizing what she was doing she tugged at Draco’s clothes, in her current state fruitlessly, in order to try and get closer.


He released her to Blaise while he made quick work of his clothes. Blaise took the opportunity to catch her around the waist and walk her backwards toward the room-dominating bed. As he leaned her back onto it he couldn’t help but notice that while the red had certainly looked good on her tonight, she looked even better naked and surrounded by green. His preference for the color certainly had no effect on that judgment.


            Almost immediately she was joined on the bed by Draco. Blaise had to take a minute to remind himself of what breathing actually required. The two of them together on the bed in front of him was arresting at best. Snapping out of his trance he got his arse into bed with them. Draco was on her neck. Blaise started at the bottom.


            Hermione was convinced that this couldn’t possibly be happening. It had to be a dream. The only problem was that she wouldn’t have thought of this in order to dream about it. The mouths, one on her collar bone, and one on her ankle seemed to be trying to convince her that this was indeed real. They were doing an outstanding job. For someone who was too buried in books to even look at boys the sudden physicality of the situation was severely heightened. Along the way Blaise kept a close eye on her face. When he nibbled the inside of her thigh just above her knee he smirked in triumph. He had made her look like she had during the mousse.     


            The Italian left her legs when he saw Draco nearing her breasts. He skimmed his lips over her as he went sending shivers down her spine at the barely-there contact. He managed to time his arrival at the same time as the blonde. Hermione’s eyes flew open as they attacked in sync. Two completely different techniques left her gasping and her mind sparking. Draco nibbled and licked while Blaise countered it with the softer movements of just lips and occasionally tracing patterns with his tongue. When they both sucked at the same time she arched at the feeling with a soft moan.


            The pushing of their demons made the two men relentless and merciless. She might not be ready for the heady sensations but they gave them anyway. Combined with the pheromones it was putting her mind into overdrive. She ran her hands over their backs and dove them into their hair. She was desperate for something… she just didn’t know what. Blaise left his place and traveled up to fixate again on her mouth. She met him in intensity. Draco left his place too but traveled downwards instead. Hermione was preoccupied with the mouth on hers and didn’t notice that Draco had moved until she felt him part her thighs and fix his mouth between them. Her hips bucked but were held in place by his strong hands.  She whimpered around Blaise’s lips. When the blonde’s lips caught her most sensitive spot between them she thrashed in his hands.


            Between her newness and Draco’s expertise it wasn’t long before she was constantly whimpering and desperately clinging to Blaise who still had her mouth ensnared with his while running a hand across her breasts. She ripped her head away from his. “No… I can’t… I can’t…too much…” A tongue twist from Draco proved her wrong and tore a keening cry from her as her world exploded. Then the world went dark.


            The two incubi trembled as the force of it washed over them in waves. The energy was overwhelming. More so than either had felt before. It knocked them for a loop and it took them a lot longer than usual to recover. After they had settled their incubi, fully satisfied with the energy that Hermione had released, retreated leaving Draco and Blaise to be themselves again. They were always calmest after the incubi had been… ‘fed’ seemed to be the most appropriate word.


            They locked eyes each slightly panicked about what just happened. They hadn’t intended this and weren’t sure how Hermione would act. Turning and expecting to meet a furious or just scared girl they instead were met with closed eyes and great view. Deep even breathing alerted them to the fact that she might not be okay.


            “I think she passed out…” Blaise met Draco’s gaze. Now that the raven haired warlock had begun to think clearly the reality of the situation was hitting him at full force. “She’s going to lose it when she wakes up. She’s barely kissed let alone what we did tonight. She’ll blame herself… after all to her it was a hormone reaction.  With two… Merlin, Draco.”


            Somnius” Draco had summoned his wand and it was now pointed at the deliciously naked brunette behind him. The spell would keep her asleep until he released her from it. “Calm down Blaise. Panicking won’t help anyone. Least of all her.” At this point he wasn’t in the best mood. A certain body part was letting itself be known… painfully.


Blaise had sat up and now dropped his head into his hands. He dragged his hands over his face and looked back at Hermione. She was beautiful and innocent as she slept. There was nothing he could have done to prevent this, as much as he hated to admit it. Things had just moved a lot faster than any of them had predicted. It wasn’t as if she hated them… but she never would have done this without the pheromone intervention.


The incubi were fighting with them about him stopping. They could have her right now, just release her from the spell. If she hadn’t passed out… Before he could stop it a smirk graced Draco’s features. He had Blaise had managed to make her pass out from an orgasm…




“Draco, stop. We have to figure this out.” Blaise grit his teeth as the Draco’s lusty thoughts washed over him again. He shook with the effort to keep a clear mind. It killed him when the solution popped into his mind. “She can’t remember.”


29th-Apr-2008 12:12 am - Incubi 2/?
For all useful and pertinent information please see chapter 1. Disclaimer applies to the entire story. 


“Hermione are you still up here? The guests are starting to arrive.”


            “I’ll be down in a minute, Mother.” Her voice betrayed none of the nerves currently jangling through her body. The past few days had seen her tied up in knots. As always Blaise and Draco strode through the halls confident with their place in them. The only difference was the seemingly genuine smiles that Hermione received from them whenever she wasn’t with Ron and or Harry. Every time her world tilted on its axis and left her spinning. She hadn’t talked to them directly since the library and now the prospect of doing so left her short of breath. There wasn’t even Ron and Harry to be a distraction tonight.


            She felt silly. Men had never gotten to her like this before. She usually could just dismiss them and go back to studying. After all there was plenty of time for that sort of thing after she finished with school. The two men downstairs were proving impossible to dismiss. Now she was, to be honest, hiding from them and their effect. She studied herself in the mirror once again. She had been ready a while ago really. She had just spent the last hour pinning miniscule hairs and placing unneeded finishing touches on her makeup.


            “This is ridiculous.” Not allowing herself any time to hesitate she walked to her bedroom door and out of it. The soft clinking of glasses from the cocktail hour and the murmur of voices floated to her ears. She made her way down the hall and to the stairs. As her hand touched the banister her heart started racing and her stomach felt off. Tramping down the urge to run back to her room she took the stairs one at a time. Every step seemed to constrict her more. Just as she was turning to go back, her mother appeared.


            “There you are. Hermione you look fantastic. I told you that was the dress to get. It looks like it was made for you. Just wait until everyone sees you.” With that she was lead down the hall. The most prominent witches and wizards in Britain and some from farther were gathered in the sitting room. They were clustered in groups all talking politely about business or the ministry or who they ran into in Diagon Alley.  The conversations petered out as the Granger women walked in. Ryla was beautiful tonight but it was Hermione that stunned everyone to silence.


            The red dress robes were just tight enough to show off her now developed figure but not tight enough to cause controversy. The neckline was wide and fell off of her shoulders leaving her neck and shoulders bare. It skimmed ending just high enough to show off the matching red heels. Her hair had been left down and ran in a river of curls to just past the middle of her back. The makeup was light accentuating the delicate features and wide eyes but hardly noticeable. The affect was a definite change from her usual attire and not something she would have ever worn normally but her mother had insisted.


“Hermione, you’re seventeen now. It’s high time you started looking like it. After all, you did inherit all of the good genes. When I was seventeen your father…” Ryla Granger had kept on like this for a while before Hermione had finally consented just to get her to stop talking.



            Then the chattering started again. The men went back to their business and the women back to their societal news but the wheels were turning. Society had been waiting for years for the only Granger heir to finally blossom. If this was any example Hermione had finally arrived. For those who had sons of the appropriate age one eye was kept on the young heiress to see if they could some how match them together.


            The moments of silence before conversation had been resumed had been some of the scariest of her life. She had almost stopped breathing when every eye in the room had turned to her. Now she allowed her lungs to get oxygen. Her eyes wandered over the crowd. She knew every person in it and smiled if they caught her eye.


            “You look lovely my dear,” Mr. Granger had appeared out of the crowd. Brushing a kiss over her cheek he whispered to her. “Far too lovely to be my little girl. I’m afraid my wand will have to remain in my hand so I can hex away all of your suitors.” Hermione laughed. Straitening he said, “Come with me. There are some ministry officials here who would like to meet you. They’re positively drooling over your school marks.”


Twenty minutes later found her laughing along with said Ministry officials as she listened to stories from the wilder cases they had experienced. The stories had started off as a way to entice her to come work for them and had ended up a competition between the men to see whose cases were funnier and more outrageous. The back of her neck prickled as she felt eyes on her.


“Gentlemen your stories are truly entertaining but I feel as though I’m ignoring the rest of the guests…”Complaints were voiced but Hermione managed to escape with a plea that they save some stories for later in the evening when she would return to hear them.  Heat crept up her spine as she scanned the room looking for her watcher.


            “You look ravishing Hermione.” The heat turned around and pooled in her abdomen. Draco’s words rang though her and sent her senses tumbling. She whirled around to see them standing side by side just far enough away to be polite but close enough to feel the full impact of their presence. Her mouth went completely dry.


            They made a stunning picture. Both were wearing standard formal black but Draco and Blaise far outshined the other men in the room. The black seemed to suit both the light and darker complexions equally and highlighted the shared height, broad shoulders and lean hips.


            Hermione found her senses reeling again as Blaise claimed her hand to brush his lips against it purposely skimming over the spot where her quill had scratched her.  Before being released the hand was passed to Draco who mimicked Blaise’s actions. 


            “Thank You Draco, You two look dashing as well.” Only her years of grace and poise in any situation kept her voice from wavering.  ‘Dashing’ was an understatement. ‘The embodiment of sex’ was more like it. Covert glances were shot across the room at them. Minds wandered and small pangs of jealousy were felt. None watched more closely that Narcissa Malfoy, Maria Zabini, and Ryla Granger. Of all of the young wizards of this generation it was perhaps the three now making their way over to the refreshments that were poised to take the wizarding world by storm.


            Not only were all three epitomes of intelligence, wit, and beauty, they were also the products of unions of six of the oldest and purest lines in the world. Being heirs to massive fortunes didn’t hurt either as both Hermione and Draco were only children, and Blaise’s share of his family’s wealth rivaled theirs.


            Hermione was currently having a hard time putting one foot in front of the other. Walking between Blaise and Draco was doing serious damage to her ability to even stand. Blaise and Draco were smiling at each other over her head. They had seen the abrupt shift in her aura after she had heard Draco’s voice and then watched it deepen as she had taken them in. As she waked next to them it slowly kept deepening in color. That combined with how she looked tonight was doing serious damage to their controls. To avoid acting on his baser impulses Blaise spoke.


            “Are you looking forward to the Halloween Ball Hermione?” She was so absorbed in not falling that the question didn’t penetrate for a moment.


            “Oh, yes I am. It’s hard to believe that Dumbledore got The Duelers to perform. I’ve been hearing their new songs on the Wireless.” Draco glanced at Blaise again this time with a genuine smile. He knew how to get firmly into her good graces now.


            “I never took you for one to listen to the wireless.”


            “I love music. I just never have time to listen to it at school. To be honest it’s my way to unwind a bit during my breaks away from school.”


            “Jackson Jay is their lead singer right?” Hermione nodded absently. “I could introduce you if you would like me to…” She stopped dead in her path and turned on heel to face him.


            “You know Jackson Jay?”


            “Jackson Jay is a stage name. His real name is William Varnum.” He saw the realization dawn upon her face.


            “He’s your cousin?” Draco just nodded. “I had no idea.”


            Her face was lit up with excitement and her smile was radiant. Only the thought that they were surrounded, and that part of the crowd consisted of all three of their sets of parents kept Draco from kissing her. He caught Blaise’s eye. Blaise was feeling it too. The expression ‘saved by the bell’ had never been more apt. The dinner chime echoed through the lounge and tiny golden birds appeared in front of each guest waiting to show them to their seats.


The two boys beside her laughed then followed the trail of tiny stars that trailed in the bird’s wake. Hermione was already aware that her seat was directly between Blaise’s and Draco’s. The surprise for them was both a pleasure and a problem. They were already worked up and having her right next to them for what was sure to be a few hours was going to be torture. Blaise beat Draco to Hermione’s seat pulling it out for her. She smiled and graciously accepted the action.


            As each of them took their seats the golden birds landed in front of them and became inanimate once more. Everyone else was delighted as the birds turned into souvenirs but Blaise’s and Draco’s weren’t done yet. The gold seemed to melt off of them revealing a deep green. Instead of the red writing on the other’s birds the script that spelled their names was brilliant silver. Hermione’s lips twitched up in pride and amusement. They both turned to her in astonishment.


“I knew you wouldn’t keep them if they were gold and red.” It was a plain stated fact.


“I thought that the birds were your touch. Now the thought is confirmed.” Blaise was suitably impressed. The birds were a great touch and would serve as a remembrance of the night. She smiled at the compliment.


Much like at Hogwarts food appeared in front of each diner. The three students ate their fill glad for the break from school food. There was nothing wrong with the school food… it was just… boring. The salad of tender greens and exotic vegetables, the sesame encrusted tuna with soy, and the braised beef was definitely not boring.  Had Blaise been freer about the comparison he would have called the food orgasmic.


He couldn’t help himself when the chocolate mouse appeared. Not only was it succulent. It had also been flavored with a hint of, if he wasn’t mistaken, Zabini merlot. Chocolate and wine were two of his favorite things and the combination almost made his eyes roll back into his head at the first taste. 


Glancing next to him at Hermione and Draco’s reactions was a mistake. They were obviously of the same opinion and it showed on their faces.  Hermione’s eyes were closed and the corners of her mouth were turned up in a sumptuous smile. If he tried hard enough he could almost hear the purr she was suppressing.


It was Draco’s expression that really had his incubi blood singing. He and the blonde had been lovers for so long that Blaise knew all of the expressions and what provoked them. The one he was currently wearing had previously only been brought about when Blaise worked that spot behind his left ear. It left Blaise wondering what could make Hermione wear that expression for him.


I had been hard enough to focus on engaging in conversation while being in this proximity to the two. Now he could feel the control slipping from his grasp. The water he drank seemed to evaporate in his mouth. Under the table he slipped his wand from his pocket and cast a charm over everyone so they didn’t notice him slip from the room. The only ones not affected by it were Draco and Hermione. Both watched his departure with a mix of concern and admiration for the view.


“Excuse me love.” He followed Blaise out of the room. Hermione was worried but also relieved. She hadn’t been able to breathe all night. She keenly felt it every time she bumped hands with one of them or they had touched her to emphasize their point of view on something. Considering the opinionated nature of all three this had happened a lot. She had had the slight feeling of drowning in their presence since they had sought her out earlier. Taking the deep calming breaths she had been needing, she focused on her mousse and on not thinking about the two empty seats next to her who still seemed to carry the presence of their occupants.


Blaise was leaning over the marbled sink splashing himself with cool water when Draco found him. Neither said anything. They didn’t need to. It was obvious what was wrong with Blaise. At least it was obvious to Draco. The blonde leaned against the wall waiting for the darker boy to calm down.


“Scopata.” Fuck


“As I recall you were the one who shot down that plan in favor of a proper seduction. One that takes time.” Draco remained casual leaving his amusement out of it.


Perchè ascoltate me.”Why do you listen to me?  Draco’s mouth quirked at Blaise’s use of Italian in place of English. It was something he only did when he was exceptionally angry… or exceptionally turned on. Most of the time he didn’t even know he did it.


Non conosco il mio amico.”I don’t know my friend. Draco had learned Italian long ago just by being at the Zabini villa so much. Blaise managed a laugh. He often asked Draco why the blonde listened to him. He always answered that he didn’t know why. In truth Blaise’s plans were usually more ethical and took longer but he often voiced that life would be easier if he followed Draco’s more direct methods. 


The moment distracted him enough for him to get his control back. He still wanted to snog the smirking Slytherin into the wall but could at least resist the impulse. He straitened, cast a drying spell on his face, and started towards the door. Pausing he glanced at Draco. The blonde was still smirking about his temporary language amnesia. A heartbeat later the smirk was being snogged off of his face by cause of it. The kiss was all fire. As suddenly as it started it was over and Blaise was out the door leaving a disheveled Draco to pull himself together while cursing his best friend.


Hermione was so deeply lost in her musings that she didn’t notice him re-enter the room until he slid back into his seat. She jumped and almost knocked over her wine glass in her surprise. Blaise’s fingers wrapped around hers on the stem of the glass to help her steady it. Neither retracted their hands until long after the appropriate time table both caught up in the feeling of the other’s hand beside theirs. A slight breeze was felt as Draco swept back into his chair with slightly more force than was really necessary. It had the desired effect though as both Hermione and Blaise withdrew their hands from the glass and from each other.


Dinner had passed with laughter all around. Everyone thought the food was superb as was the conversation. The guests lingered at the table until the call of wine, tea, and firewiskey became too much and everyone went back into the lounge. Still having Blaise and Draco attached to her sides Hermione headed for the balcony for some air. With a flick of Draco’s wand glasses of wine flew into each of their hands.


            In contrast to the warmth inside the balcony was cool with a slight breeze. Draco, already having been beaten once, was quick to shrug his jacket off and drape it lightly across Hermione’s shoulders throwing a smug smirk at Blaise as he did so. Ever the Slytherin the blonde also took the opportunity to cast a spell over the room they had just exited to discourage those inside to follow them out. Before he put his wand away he also whispered ‘Obscurus’ thus ensuring that those inside could not watch them through the glass French doors.  He turned his attention back to the two now having an animated discussion on the merits of Italian wine vs. French wine.


            “Give up love, this is an argument you’ll never win.” Draco studied the now exasperated brunette. He rather liked seeing her in his coat. It made him think of her in just the coat… or in just his shirt with her hair wild after a night with him and Blaise…


            Sensing the shift in Draco Blaise tried to cover for him. “Draco’s right Hermione. Wine is meant to come from Italy.” Only a lifetime of dominating over his emotions and a few years’ practice of reining in his incubi kept Draco in control. Even still he didn’t manage to completely contain his pheromones. He realized this as he heard Hermione’s heart quicken and felt he skin heat even from his proximity of a few feet. Blaise was closer and Draco could see the muscle in his jaw tense as he fought his own incubi.  Some of his pheromones were escaping and mixing with Draco’s.


            For Hermione the mixture was lethal. A shaky hand reached for the balcony in an effort to keep herself on her feet. The inky night was broken only by the diamond shine of billions of starts over the valley.


 Her head was swimming and she was incredibly aware of the two men that were with her on the balcony. Alone.  The proximity of the party was in no way deterring her sudden desperate desire for them. Electricity shot through her as she felt a hand on her arm. She whipped around. Behind her the cool stone of the balcony pressed into her. She was more likely to go through it than to go through the two men who now stood side by side in front of her. The hand had retreated back to its owner.


            She had never seen anything like it. They radiated power and seduction and sex. Their eyes almost glowed with intent and intensity. The beauty of the two men was almost blinding. The power of two fully mature, albeit young, incubi was being unleashed upon her. As courageous, opinionated, intelligent, and strong willed as she was she didn’t stand a chance.


            “Come here Hermione.” Each of the incubi reached out a hand to her. Unable to look away from them she somehow found the strength to let go of the balcony and take a step towards them…


29th-Apr-2008 12:01 am - Incubi 1/? NC-17

Disclaimer: Two words: I WISH

Rating: NC-17 

Pairing: Draco/Hermione/Blaise F/M/M (I told you now...)

Summary: When Draco and Blaise are younger they accidently absorb Incubi blood. When the two set their sights on Hermione Granger what will happen? How will she react? Why are they so drawn to her?

Comments much appreciated!



Seven years ago…


             At 10 years old Blaise and Draco were already proving why they were going to be in the top three of their Hogwarts class, which is why they were allowed down into Signor Zabini’s potions workroom. It was a first. Blaise’s father was a Potion’s master and while a great deal of his wealth was inherited, it also came from the creation of new potions. The older Zabini had gone upstairs for a moment to answer an urgent call from the Potion Regulation department at the Italian Ministry. He would only be gone a minute but had told the boys to watch the potion for him to make sure it didn’t boil over.


            This one was deep red color that emitted a faintly wine like smell. The Signor hadn’t explained what the potion was, and skillfully dodged any of the questions they asked about effects or uses. They only knew that it was going to make a lot of money. The lack of explanation had the boys curious. They went through the ingredients looking for something dangerous or cool.


            Draco had been the one to pick up the vial. The other boy was looking at the last of the ingredients and failed to find anything interesting. “Whoa… Blaise… This is incubus blood!”


“You don’t even know what an incubus is Draco.”


“So, it’s still blood.” Blaise grabbed the vial out of Draco’s hand and held it up to the light. The blood was warm in the vial and under the light it looked darker than any other blood he had ever seen his father buy. That explained the color of the potion. Carefully he set the vial back onto the table but it slipped and fell to the floor with a tinkle of breaking glass. The boys looked at each other with wide eyes. Hurriedly they bent down to try to clean it up, acquiring cuts on their hands as they worked.


            Incubus blood is tricky. Given the opportunity, like the one the boys presented, it will absorb into you much faster than any other know liquid . By the time the boys had picked up all the pieces of the vial, the blood had been absorbed into their cuts, but they were too worried about Signor Zabini to notice. A few drops were all the Potions Master had put into the potion. As a single drop of incubus blood carries magical properties. The vial had contained a lot more than one drop.


            The Signor was too distracted by what had happened upstairs to notice the missing ingredient. He simply put the cauldron and its contents to simmer for a few days and banished the ingredients back into his storage room with a flick of his wand. Motioning for the boys to follow him, he led the way upstairs.




Draco and Blaise had been prepared for puberty. That wasn’t anything weird. They weathered those changes: the hair, the voice changing, the sudden growth spurts. Then there were the weird changes. There were days that they couldn’t seem to cool off, or they thought they saw something glowing around someone. Both Draco and Blaise dismissed them as… well… anything they could think of at the time. The change that was harder to ignore was emotional.


            There were days when being surrounded the students was unbearable. They had no idea why, just that the tension was so tight that they couldn’t breathe. Embarrassingly, they also had to start casting impediment charms on themselves due to almost round the clock erections.


Then they began to be hot all the time and to see the glowing around everyone, and it didn’t go away. Finally, they broke down and went to the library. Every book that had a reference to an incubus was brought out. The blood was the only logical explanation. Otherwise they were two healthy boys. The blood was also the only thing they had in common.


            It only took them minutes to realize what had happened. It made them feel better that they weren’t the only ones who had ever been infected by incubi blood. Even if there were only four other reported cases. The only problem was that three of them had been infected with too much of it and had died, all in search of the secret to incubi irresistibility. The fourth had only been very slightly infected and the results were minimal. The only effect was partial empathy.


    The two sat in silence for what could have been hours. Only the giggling of curious First Years disturbed them. Finally they looked at each other. Standing in synchronization they walked right out of the library, down the steps, and right to Snape’s office door. They studied the heavy wood both contemplating what they needed to say. They didn’t have much time. The door swung open.


“Malfoy. Zabini. What do you want?” When he took a closer look at them he realized it was something major. The two had brought pride to Slytherine for three years and it was well known that he favored them. He ushered the contrasting pair in and to seats in front of his desk.


            They didn’t’ speak for a long time. Then Draco said ‘We’re incubi.” Snape’s persona of detachment and aloofness that he perpetually carried stayed for a minute as his brain processed what he had said. Then his mouth fell open. He had known that something strange was going on with the two of them, but this wasn’t even a fleeting thought. For any other student he would have considered this a prank. However this was Draco and Blaise. The polar opposite best friends may have played pranks on Potter and his gang but not on professors. This and the changes he had seen in the boys over the past few months pushed him to believe them. The only question was ‘How?”


Snape leaned back in his chair and crossed his fingers. Blaise was looking strait ahead, his brown gaze focused on something unseen to anyone else. Draco was looking to him. “Incubi can’t have children and I assure you that both of your sets of parents are biological.”


“It was an accident. I dropped the vial… the blood spilled, we cut ourselves…” Blaise, always either emotional or stoic was strangely distanced. Snape looked to Draco who just nodded.


Severus thought quickly. He had heard of rare occurrences like this, most of them didn’t end well. It all depended on how much they had absorbed. If the last year or so was any indication it would seem that any effects from the blood were taking their cues from the boys’ puberties. “When?”


“Three years ago.” The quiet admission came from the blonde.


“Makes sense that it would happen now, as your coming into your sexual maturities…” Snape was muttering to himself. “How much do you know about incubi?”


“Enough to be sure. I… I don’t think we’re full incubi but we’ve got most of their traits while maintaining our human ones. We’ve got the higher body temperature, we see auras, we can feel others’ sexual tension, and we’re almost… what do the muggles call it… nymphomaniacs?” The Potions Master was scribbling notes on a piece of parchment as the blonde boy spoke. His mouth twitched at the last comment in uncharacteristic humor.


“Why are you being so calm? Doesn’t this freak you out a bit?” Blaise’s voice was so quiet that the scratching of the quill almost drown it out.


 Severus put his quill down slowly.  He looked at Blaise for a few minutes then at Draco, the back to Blaise. He couldn’t imagine what they were feeling, to learn that they were something other than normal, and incubi at that. One mistake. They would have to deal with it for the rest of their lives.


            A wave of his wand had a book flying through the air to land on the desk in front of him. The outside title proclaimed it to be: Gideon’s Guide to Not-So-Mythical-Creatures. He flipped through it until he found what he was looking for.


Incubi (Sex Demon)

Incubi are sexual creatures that feed off of the sexual energy of humans. While most incubi are male, they can be female, but female incubi are called ‘Succubi’.   


Incubi are unnatural beautiful, a trait that aids them in seducing women (most incubi are bisexual and will not turn down the opportunity if a man were to be prime prey) for food. Not much is known about how ‘food’ is obtained through sexual energy as Incubi are reluctant to reveal themselves. They also have high body temperatures and are warm to the touch. When aroused this body temperature increases and the incubus becomes almost scorching.


Incubi are well known for their ability to feel other being’s sexual arousal, as well as ‘read’ their aura, both of which allow for easier choices in sources of energy. These abilities can also be detrimental to the social lives of Incubi as large concentrations of sexual tension can cause harm to or even kill them. Along with this Incubi emit a constant, almost pheromone-type signal which hinders their ability to go out in public as its purpose, to lure prey, works almost too well.


Incubus blood is found in many desire and impotence potions in trace amounts, but large amounts and the direct blood are not used. Unlike most other bloods Incubi blood maintains it’s magical qualities in minute doses. This is a curiosity based on the fact that Blood is obtained through their volunteering it, which makes it an extremely scarce commodity. Most Potions Masters will either forego the use of it in favor of more available sources, or will establish contact with an incubus as a source for it.  Many muggles back in the 1500-1600’s claimed to be impregnated by incubi but was controversial as many incubi claim to be sterile.  


As far as we know no one has ever been hurt by an incubus. Both the act itself and the taking of the energy cause no adverse effects other than extreme drowsiness.




Being the way they were had its drawback’s. Part of their allure came from the blatant sexuality they exuded. Unfortunately part of the reason they exuded it was because they always needed it. That kind of raw need wasn’t good to carry around with you, and as they found out it was detrimental to leading normal lives. So, around halfway through Third year they turned to a source of release that seemed endless. Each other.


            One night, on their way back to the dorm, they had been as close to calm as they came when they passed by a classroom. Obviously the occupants had been busy as they got hit with the biggest dose of sexual energy they had ever felt. It was lucky that Snape had managed to wrangle them a separate room, the rumor mill had decided that their families had arranged it and paid the school generously for the privilege, going through a common room might have resulted in an attack. They had sprinted the entire way back. Once the door was safely sealed behind them they had paced back and forth.


“Blaise, I…” The black haired boy just nodded. The clothes they had worn that night would be later found un-wearable. There was nothing slow, nothing romantic, some might not even have called that first encounter human. Mouths, hands, limbs, and cocks were tangled for hours. It was literally hours. It was the culmination of months of the tension felt from every student and staff member of Hogwarts, all of their own tension, and basically the release of everything they felt about being incubi. That required time.


            After that it became a way to release when it all got to be too much. Neither would classify it as love. They both slept with other people, there wasn’t even any jealousy about it. This caught the overflow, what normal humans couldn’t keep up with. They simply had too many needs, and surprisingly, it wasn’t awkward at all. It simply became another part of being incubi.   It was also a way to keep suspicion about themselves down. There was ‘teenage horny’ and then there was ‘something’s wrong with them’ levels of activity. This kept that level at ‘teenage very horny’.



It wasn’t hard to understand the attraction. Long, black, slightly curly hair fell over sculpted features and reminded everyone of the statues that his ancestors carved back in the golden days of the muggle Roman Empire. Every girl taking muggle studies who paid attention during the lectures over the ancient civilization imagined him in a toga posing just for them. The white cloth would offset the tan skin and dark, burning eyes. He would have made a great statue, worthy even of the gods.  It didn’t hurt that while he didn’t play quidditch he did do exercise enough to have the body of one.


            Her attraction to the other man wasn’t a stretch either. Girls, boys, and Professors alike dreamed of just one night with him. Rumors periodically went around school that some of the most affluent of wizarding society had offered him wealth beyond measure for his company. It was something in the way he was. Pale skin and even paler hair combined with a smile that had brought many almost to their knees wasn’t enough. Neither was the body that he did get from quidditch, long, lean, and powerful. No, there was something else too, a kind of oozing sinfulness.


            Yes, Blaise Zabini and Draco Malfoy were deliciously opposite. Blaise invited imaginings of being worshipped for hours on end, being torturously kept on slow burn for as long he pleased. Draco on the other hand was more the type to have you screaming within seconds and not stop until you couldn’t walk, or talk, for a week. Both were equally alluring. Together, well… Hermione didn’t stand a chance in hell of resisting them if they didn’t want her to, especially when she found out just why they were so irresistible.





            For them it started on Platform 9¾ at the beginning of seventh year. A group of the Slytherin seventh years were talking quietly about the coming year. Blaise was the first to see her. She had just popped through the entrance tugging her luggage behind her. Having never seen her in anything but her uniform, the casual muggle jeans and baby doll t-shirt were a bit of a shock. She even had her hair down. The abundant curls reached almost half way down her back. The term ‘bushy’ never even entered his mind.


            Draco, noticing Blaise’s distraction, followed his gaze. A pretty girl was standing near the entrance to the platform. He should… whoa, it was Hermione. It was Hermione in an outfit that while not provocative, but was a major step up from the Hogwarts uniform. Appreciation for how she looked flooded through him. The wheels in his head began to turn. He had never considered the female member of the trio to be anything but the person keeping Potter and Weasley from themselves. Now, well, the summer had obviously been good to her. A touch on his arm brought him back into the conversation. Hermione wasn’t forgotten, just tucked into the back of his mind.


            Blaise’s mind wasn’t too far behind. After the initial surprise wore off he too began to think. He had always wondered why Hermione had chosen to be friends with the Hero and the Red One. It never made any sense. She had the family, the means, and the intelligence to match even himself and Draco. With the recent realization that she was gorgeous, that confusion was just increased. It was true that he and Draco never lacked for companionship but Blaise found himself immensely drawn to a person he hadn’t looked at twice. Something about ‘late bloomers’ drifted through his mind before he shrugged and rejoined the talk now centered on the coming quidditch season.


            Later the boys were heading back to the compartment after visiting Snape when Hermione came towards them in a rush. Her hair was still down and falling around her face as she tried to get the last buttons on her shirt buttoned as she muttered to herself. She managed before she reached them and with a quick wave of her wand the tie was tied around her neck. She fastened her robe and then with another wave sent her hair up on top of her head. Apparently satisfied she smiled to herself and ducked into a nearby compartment. A subtle glance through the window while passing by told them that it was the Head meeting.


            Though neither showed any outward signs both were caught up in the unwitting show she had just put on. It was easy to imagine her trying to right herself and look presentable at the Head meeting because she had just come from a secret tryst. Those thoughts kept them occupied and mostly unaware of the stares that followed them down the hallway as students pressed against the windows of their compartments to watch them walk away.


            Once they settled into their compartment, drawn the shade on the door to deter prying eyes, and cast silencing charms for the eavesdroppers, they got down to the real situation. “Any ideas?” Avoiding issues was one of the things that the two didn’t do. Avoiding got you no where so why bother. Besides, they knew when the other one was upset anyway from reading the others’ aura. They wanted Hermione. Now how to get her?


            This situation wasn’t uncommon. They had shared witches before. Not inside of Hogwarts, but there were more than a few over the past three years at summer houses and at societal dinners. Sharing wasn’t the issue at all. Hermione was. They weren’t stupid. Hermione wasn’t the top of the class and Head Girl because she lied down and took things. She was one of the most determined, stubborn, and ambitious people either had ever met. She wasn’t a girl to just fall to the floor in front of them when they smiled at her. It was extremely unfortunate at the moment. It would have made things easier.


“None that deal with actually getting her into our bed,,,, but plenty for after that point.”  Draco stretched out along the compartment bench, putting his hands behind his head, and contemplating those ideas.


“I think the first thing we need to do is get her to not hate you.” The raven-haired boy said.


“She doesn’t hate me. She just doesn’t like me because I don’t get along with The-Boy-Who-Wanked and Weasel. I’ve never done anything to her.”


“Maybe you should tone down the fights with them.”


“They start it. I can’t help it if I’m getting shagged on a regular basis and they’re jealous.”


“We probably want to start talking to her too. Long exposure to us will help break down her defenses, and it’ll get her used to us.”


“We’re not bloody marrying her! I say we seduce her like the sexy incubi we are and deal with the consequences later. She’s stubborn but she’s still human. It won’t take long.”




“Fine, I’ll stop helping them start fights with me.” Blaise raised an eyebrow. Draco gave an exasperated sigh. “And I won’t use my incubus wiles on her yet. But if I’m waiting, you’re going to damn well help me wait.”


Blaise smirked and sauntered over to his best friend. “What, Book Worm make you hot?”


“Fuck you Zabini.” Onee one pale hand grabbed the back of a dark head and the trip to Hogwarts had never been faster.




For her it had started, appropriately, in the library. Seeing Hermione spread out at a table, stacks of books by topic all over the place, and piles of notes on top of those was a normal occurrence. True, as head girl she had an entire room set aside for her and Harry to study in, but with quidditch season approaching Harry had turned it into a war room full of charts, tactics, and late-night team meetings.


            Besides this had been her study table for six years. She wasn’t about to abandon it. Absorbed in the effects of the Luminancy Potion on vampires she didn’t notice him until he already pulled out a seat and sat. She jumped, scratching her hand with her quill in the process. The ink repelling charm she had put on her hands earlier was still working, but already blood was welling up from the cut.


            Taking her hand gently, he inspected the damage. With a wave of his wand and a few muttered words the cut disappeared. He brushed his lips over the place where it had been. Their imprint while invisible was also indelible, her skin almost burned from where his lips had just been.


When she found her voice again she managed “Blaise.”


“Hermione.”  It came out like honey; she almost felt it against her skin. He accompanied it with a slow smile. She cursed herself as her body reacted as if she were a silly first year, just like he knew it would. It was a smooth move. He had charm, looks, and money to spare. Her mother would have drooled over him, and probably printed wedding invitations had she known they were speaking at all. It was exactly the kind of man she wanted to avoid. At least… that’s what her head said. The rest of her body wasn’t agreeing with that decision.


“Did you need something?” Her voice was cool and cautious. He couldn’t blame her. They had never interacted with each other outside of the occasional class together. Other than that they only saw each other across the invisible divide that separated Harry’s camp from Draco’s during arguments.  More often now, especially since the start of this school year, there had been less of them due to Draco having stopped most of his share of the instigating.


            He let his gaze travel over neatly pinned hair and the uniform that she never seemed to take off, and he had been paying attention since school started. He found himself fighting the urge to rumple her up like he had seen her on the train, or even just a little more relaxed like on the platform. Not that the prim and proper look wasn’t giving him ideas as well. “I just saw you, wanted to say hello.”


“Blaise, you don’t ‘just say hello’, at least as far as I know.”


“I do when the mood strikes me.” She had a feeling that he applied that to almost everything he did. From all accounts he embodied the ‘passionate Italian’, leading with his heart more than his mind.  It was far too easy for her to picture him when a ‘mood struck’ and just how impossible it would be for most women to deny him, or anyone, of either gender, for that matter. His eyes would darken and..


            She pushed her dirty thoughts out of her mind firmly. She prided herself on being what seemed like the only girl in the castle that wouldn’t rip her clothes off in the middle of dinner for him or Draco if they looked at her twice.  She was intensely glad that they didn’t offer Legilimency at Hogwarts. Unfortunately for her, being who he was, Blaise picked up on the sexual feelings. He might not be able to actually read her thoughts but he sure as hell knew what the general gist of them was. Her aura had changed from the cool blue of concentration to a fiery red that could rival his and Draco’s. Yet on the outside she was just the same studious Hermione. The contrast was making his blood boil as fire raced though his veins.


            Draco always did have amazing timing. He proved himself once again by coming around the corner of the bookshelf. It took all of his limited control after taking in the scene not to just drag them back to the room he and Blaise shared and screw patience by screwing them. It didn’t help that Blaise looked like he was about to pounce over the table at Hermione anyway. Talking himself out of that he sauntered over to them, both of their attentions were focused on him. He took the chair next to Blaise and focused his gaze onto the witch opposite him.


“Hermione.” Much like Blaise he managed to scatter her wits just by saying her name. Not that she was going to let him know that.


“Draco.” If possible, faced with both of them her voice was even cooler. It was stunning when compared with how much her aura was screaming the exact opposite. Neither Blaise nor Draco could figure out how she could ignore the inferno sure to be cooking inside of her, she was outwardly cool and calm but every wave she gave off was undermining that impression.


            Hermione was beginning to get extremely nervous. Blaise Zabini talking to her was shocking enough. He was after all best friends with her best friends’ sworn enemy, but to have that sworn enemy come join in was just unnerving. She was on edge waiting for the attack, or at least a snide comment.


            Draco was just stunned that she had used his first name. It rolled off of her tongue like she had been calling him by it forever. He found that he liked it. The blonde knew that he had to be careful. She was clearly suspicious of them.


            “So, did you just come over to say hello too?” Blaise’s lips twitched in amusement. Her tongue had always been sharp. It only took Draco a moment to catch up to the comment.


            “Yes, but I thought I would get creative and throw a ‘How are you?’ in there too.”  One thing she could credit them with was being able to keep up with her. For them it was vice-versa.  God help her Draco was smirking, and Blaise was smiling. The metaphorical firm ground beneath her feet was crumbling.


            “Why do you care?” She shot.


            “Call me curious.”


            “I’m fine.” Draco and Blaise had a hard time not cringing. ‘I’m fine’ was a man’s worst nightmare. Blaise was more than content to sit back and let Draco handle this one.


            “How are the preparations for your parents’ dinner party coming?” He and Blaise had thought about and talked about little else since both receiving owls from their respective mother’s about it. It had been made clear that both were expected to attend.  Not that they were complaining. It was time with Hermione away from school and her friends. Time that was going to be spent wholly in her company as they were the only three young people on the guest list.


            “Good. Everything is ready. The only thing left to do is wait. Although mother keeps owling about the color of the table cloths, mostly because I won’t let her change the menu again.” Blaise and Draco laughed. They too had been through the planning by their parents of a major social event, and felt the exact same way about it. “I take it you two will be in attendance?”


            “As long as our invitations still stand.” That smooth line was delivered by Blaise. They started talking about the various guests who would be there next Saturday and how ridiculous some of the events they had been to had been.


            The three stayed that way all afternoon. The essay was forgotten in favor of talking with the boys. There were pauses in the conversation but they were never awkward. Instead they were comfortable until one of them mused about something starting them off again. When it came time for dinner all three were astonished. They had been there for almost four hours. Blaise and Draco put some of the books away while Hermione packed up. 


Just before exiting the library they stopped. None of them were particularly keen to go back to how it was before. While the boys had been looking forward to this shift in their relationship with her, Hermione had been railroaded by it.


            “So I guess I’ll be seeing you on Saturday.”


            “Yes, you will.” Blaise’s voice left no room for questioning, and it hinted at something… more intimate. He leaned down and placed a soft lingering kiss on her cheek. The nearness and the feel of his lips on her skin was doing major damage to her ability to stand. When Draco mimicked Blaise on the other side she thought she might collapse. Both men had infused the kisses with a little bit of incubi pheromones. It insured that she would think about them long after they were gone. Blaise opened the door and swept his arm to usher her out.


            “Good night Hermione.” With that and the swish of their robes they were gone and headed back to their rooms in the dungeon. When she had regained her sense of balance she headed down the stairs to dinner. Whether she would admit it or not she had loved talking to them. They were interesting and smart, and far better conversationalists than most of the people at Hogwarts. They were also troubling. Why had they come talked to her? She had let down her guard this afternoon and had fun with them. What if they were using her? She tried not to think about it. She told herself that it had just been an interesting conversation with two peers. Nothing more. Even if she couldn’t stop remembering how yummy they had looked sitting across from her, or the way her cheeks still burned where their lips had touched, or how quickly and forcefully her body had responded to a kiss on the cheek.

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